It's VOXBOX time AGAIN !!!!

Hey luvs!!
Long time no see, How've you been? You been good?

First and most saddest: pics for the unboxing came out horribly so I'll have to catch some pics next time I do my face and I'll add later!! the pics below are directly from the Influenster site.


I'm Moving!!

Same name, new home... if your still reading along... follow me to Tumblr

See you over there!:)!


SHOP: Ashley Stewart

V-Day is fast approaching... While I don't recognize it as anything special. It's a great excuse to get sexy and go out for a night with your LOVE. Maybe not a V-day ensemble, maybe just a random night on the town... heres my picks for dinner... and dessert



Influenster: Reese's Spread Voxbox

 New VoxBox!!!

And my inner fat girl has REJOICED :)

Who knew my most beloved candy was melted down to create a delicious spread to add to any snacks... I had no idea until it came in my latest VoxBox.


...and another thing!!! RANT

I can't be the only person in western civilization who is beyond sick of seeing, hearing, talking about the Kardashian West family. A group of people that are glamorized and hailed for doing nothing of value. I mean aside from Kourtney, Scott and Kris, creating people...



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