I'm Moving!!

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V-Day is fast approaching... While I don't recognize it as anything special. It's a great excuse to get sexy and go out for a night with your LOVE. Maybe not a V-day ensemble, maybe just a random night on the town... heres my picks for dinner... and dessert



Influenster: Reese's Spread Voxbox

 New VoxBox!!!

And my inner fat girl has REJOICED :)

Who knew my most beloved candy was melted down to create a delicious spread to add to any snacks... I had no idea until it came in my latest VoxBox.


...and another thing!!! RANT

I can't be the only person in western civilization who is beyond sick of seeing, hearing, talking about the Kardashian West family. A group of people that are glamorized and hailed for doing nothing of value. I mean aside from Kourtney, Scott and Kris, creating people...



Thats right!! My shop is open. I'm so excited to share with you!! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend and then give me a TRY...
Homemade Body Scrubs to soothe your senses.


Hair Review

Soooooo... I purchased this hair through Elevate Styles about a week ago. Milky Way 100% Human Indian Hair. 10 inches on sale for 27 dollars and some change. So I naturally purchased two packs!!
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